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Our former street kids in Honduras need their vitamins after being neglected and malnourished on the streets. By creating a small fruit plantation on our shelter grounds we can give them a healthy supplement to their diet and at the same time educate them about growing fruits.


After 5 years of experience in growing vegetables to feed our children, now we feel confident enough to also start growing fruit. We employ a full time planter that knows how to do this and makes sure everything goes alright. He also educates the children so they can assist and use the knowledge they gain in future jobs. We have the land, we have the enthusiasm, we now just need the money to get started!


Growing fruit to provide a healthy diet to (former) street kids and educate them on agriculture.

Ground is prepared!


We prepared the ground and planted some fruitbushes and trees. Watch them grow!

We've done it! Now onto planting some fruit!


Thank you so much for your help and donation to our Fruit trees for Streetkids project! We are now totally funded and can start with preparing the land to plant the trees and plants. If you want to be stay informed about the project, please subscribe to our mailinglist on:

What do you eat in a day?


Did you ever think of all the food you eat in one day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? And of course all the snacks you eat in between. Our kids have to eat too, so I thought it would be nice to share what their meal plan looks like. They wake up early and have to get washed and dressed before they are served breakfast in the cantina. Usually they get cornflakes, porridge or bean mesh with tortilla's. Lunch is the main meal of the day and varies from day to day, but usually it is a variation of spaghetti with tomato sauce and vegetables or rice and vegetables. Of course, protine is important for growing kids, but unfortunately expensive. We are able to supplement the meal with 30 grams of chicken. This isn't a lot, but it's something! In the afternoon all the kids get a small snack, usually a lollypop or a small 15grams back of chips. The last meal of the day is dinner. Dinner is always beans, beans and rice or beans and omelet and tortilla's. Did you notice what is missing in their diet? Of course! Fresh fruit! Fresh fruit is expensive, even in a cheap country as Honduras. And we need a lot every day. So that's why it's so important that we will be able to supply our own food! If you haven't donated yet, please do, so we can give our kids some healthy fruit snacks!

Welcome to our Campaign!


Hooray! We started our first crowd funding campaign on Get It Done! We would love to make this project a big success, but for that, we need your help! Please donate what you can and give our street kids a continuing supply of fresh fruits so they grow up as healthy and strong adults!