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At Mybansi prison, the prisoners are expected to work the land and farm their own food as part of their punishment. Young In Prison has been actively implementing creativity programmes here since 2010. Now it is time to get a little more practical. The local waters are teeming with fish but the boys do not even have the basics of fish-nets or the knowledge of how to fish.


20 prisoners will be first invited to attend the course - which will consist of a local fishnet-maker travelling to the rural district of Dowa where the prison is located - he will stay with the prisoners for 4 weeks and teach them his craft. This project will firstly teach the boys how to properly weave the nylon fish-nets, a skill which they can then use after having been trained in how to fish the local waters responsibly and sustainably. This skill can then be used upon release in an entrepreneurial way and futures can be carved from the present bleakness. Not only will the boys have the opportunity to make their own living and provide for themselves and their families but they will also know how to feed themselves for life. This is a project for a brighter future. The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. Teach them well.


Teach young boys in prison in Malawi how to weave their own fishnets and provide a necessary life-skill allowing them to feed themselves but also make a living and get out of the poverty cycle.

Project Team evaluates progress in Malawi


Suzanne has been in Malawi for over a month now and has been reporting steadily back on the exciting progress of the Fishnet making project in our juvenile prison outside of Lilongwe.