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There are a great number of disadvantaged young adults in Nicaragua and too few opportunities for a good salary and job. This project will teach them skills to help create income, contributing to a better quality of life.


Atelier Favela is an organisation which believes in reaching out to marginalised groups of society. The 6 young adults selected in Ticuantepe are such a group. They will be trained to create and produce attractive lamps from recycled material, they will receive a salary for doing so but also learn how to use their skills and create their own income. They will get a fair salary for every product made - 100% of the purchase price of the lamp in NL will be re-distributed to not on


Launch the latent creativity and opportunity laying within these 6 young adults in Nicaragua by starting a production line of hand-crafted sustainable products which will be sold in Holland. Education, income and business knowledge in one step.