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Yearly, almost ten students drop out of Nyamira Girls' High School because they lack menstrual supplies. Disposable sanitary pads are too expensive and also hard to obtain so instead, the woman use newspaper, leaves, toilet paper, or rags. Since none of these provide adequate comfort or protection, many females stay home during their periods, falling behind on their studies and often drop out. Lack of feminine products also increases risk of pregnancy and HIV/AIDS as many males will provide money for necessities such as feminine products in exchange for sex.


By providing 1,315 environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual kits (called AFRIpads) to the students at Nyamira, they can attend school every day of every month with comfort and dignity. With this we’ll also be supporting the women who work at AFRIpads in Kampala, Uganda.


To provide reusable menstrual kits to the 1.315 promising female students at Nyamira Girls’ High School in Bondo, Kenya.