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Jan Willem


About me

Wherever traveling, I meet inspiring people; people willing to make a difference. When living in Cameroon for three years, I met a lot of them. Back in the Netherlands, I am determined to continue to get things done together with them. Each year, one of these inspiring people will propose a new project and I will promote it on Get It Done. Two years ago we built stables and bought sheep for a group of village women. Last year we ensured that 300 children in a primary school do not have to sit on the floor when following classes by sponsoring 100 school desks. This year we want to train teachers at 21 schools in and around Maroua in identifying and helping with children with dyslexia.

What gets me out of bed?

I love to travel, see new places, meet new people. The world is such a colorful and rich place. Traveling allows me to learn, to see things in a different perspective, to be inspired and make friendships.

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